New Signature brings the familiarity and ease-of-use of Skype to your business on a platform that is optimized for enterprise use with increased controls and security. Businesses can utilize this unified communication solution not only in their offices, but across remote locations and on mobile devices no matter what the platform, Microsoft, Android or Apple.

Skype for Business server offers business teams a comprehensive palate of real-time communication services including instant messaging, voice, video, web meetings, and integration to private business exchanges (PBX) and phone networks worldwide. Or, your business can choose to implement or extend its Skype for Business capabilities with Skype for Business online, which allows our team to harness the power of Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Cloud technologies to reduce on-premise server footprints and provide enhanced collaboration solutions including the ability to hold large-scale meetings with up to 10,000 participants.

At the onset of your solution process New Signature will determine the best Skype for Business solution for your company, based on investment level, goals, and technical needs. From this analysis, New Signature Microsoft-certified consultants will build a framework for your solution, and manage all aspects of the migration, including hardware, software and licensing requirements, assistance in choosing voice carriers, rollout and integration with existing platforms and providing training and adoption services to ensure that your team gets the most out of your investment.

Did you know?

Not only do we believe our product suites can bring quality to your business, but we rely on them ourselves! New Signature employees use Skype for Business daily for calls, web meetings, instant messaging, and more. We’re not sure we could function without it!

Key Features

Customized Packages

Skype for Business is an extensible platform and we can create an enterprise communications package as unique and as widespread as your company. From PBX calling, implementation, integration with room-based video conferencing, or connections to your CRM or call center applications, you can experience the improved productivity with seamless and live communications from any location.

360 Support

New Signature’s process-driven Plan-Build-Operate model drives us to support our clients from the moment we begin communication with them, to implementation, and beyond. We create unique solutions based on your unique situation, manage all the migration activities from any host source, educate your staff to manage these services, and provide ongoing support and learning opportunities through our events and our tech support teams.

Prepare for the future of business collaboration with Skype for Business

If you’re feeling like telephones and email aren’t enough, let New Signature bring a robust communications solution with our Skype for Business service offering.

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