Technology is a social tool in our personal lives, and leveraging the positive aspects of social technology can be a business benefit, as well.

Putting social tools to work involves revolutionizing the way in which employees collaborate, and can add more unity in teams that are spread across the field or working remotely. Promoting the idea that open communication and personal connections can drive business is at the heart of social in the workplace. With tools like Yammer, Office 365, and SharePoint, this can become a reality for your team.

Office 365 and SharePoint provide collaborative environments and share business ideas. But at the heart of the new movement toward true business social is Yammer. With Yammer, employees can communicate about anything, share ideas, pictures, create interest groups, and cultivate quality work relationships. With Yammer, employees are provided an open environment to discuss and brainstorm, share and engage socially, and see the personal and human side to their coworkers. This ability to be comfortable and social can translate to business and help to garner the ability to develop those tight-knit relationships with clients, as well.

Key Features

Modern Collaboration

Yammer, along with other Microsoft tools, can be developed by New Signature to increase your company’s collaboration and communication agility and enable an open network to generate new ideas and create an innovative and connected environment.

Open Dialogue

Yammer acts as a digital stage for every employee to be heard, share their ideas, and connect with others across the field and across other disciplines.


New Signature is a cloud-first company, so all our collaboration and social tools are accessible from any internet- or data-connected device from any location, providing more mobility and connectedness for your employees.

New Signature employees LOVE Yammer!

We have over 100 groups on Yammer to discuss our work and lives.

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