Our world is on the move, and New Signature can help your business keep up. Our Enterprise Mobile apps offer your business virtually limitless reach by being as close as your users’ fingertips.

New Signature can transform your company’s intelligence, brand, and services into a cohesive mobile app that meets your unique needs and tells your unique story to users in any location. Positioned as a process-driven Microsoft Partner of the Year, our Plan-Build-Operate model helps us create a prime application for your business, as well as support you from all angles throughout the process.

Your New Signature mobile app construction will begin with an in-depth analysis of your business needs, industry trends, customer base, and budget constraints. We use these factors to build a comprehensive mobile platform for your users. We can take care of every aspect of the app, including architecture, user experience design, implementation and testing.

Key Features

Code Sharing

To ensure rapid time to market, we use Xamarin to maximize code sharing between platforms. The result is uniform feature availability and a user experience that looks and feels right at home on the user's chosen device.


We understand the importance of our customers’ security. We use state-of-the-art encryption to ensure data stays safe whether it's on the move or stored on a user's device. We have implemented oAuth, OpenID, Kerberos, and Azure Active Directory authentication solutions, ensuring our solutions work well no matter what your authentication needs. We work with third party "white-hat" hackers to validate our security implementation before your app goes to market to verify your data will remain safe. Our internal development process incorporates a best-of-breed security audit at every stage of design and development to catch security issues as early as possible in the development process.


Testing applications on multiple versions of different device types can become very expensive. We combine automated testing using Xamarin's Test Cloud along with targeted manual testing to ensure maximum test coverage across a wide variety of devices. This can help significantly reduce the cost of testing while ensuring a great launch and high app-store ratings.

Continued Learning

As part of the Operate phase in our business model, we are dedicated to ensuring a smooth implementation and transition of management with all our developed applications. Whether you opt to have New Signature Be Your IT and manage your application technology for you, or would like us to Help Your IT and support your own in-house management, we are here to help the application change hands effortlessly. Further, our New Signature mobile apps team holds events throughout the year to keep our customers informed on the newest developments and possibilities for their apps. Be sure to check out the New Signature events calendar for your future learning opportunities.