New Signature understands that training your end users is critical to a smooth transition as well as realizing a positive return on investment.

We have a number of approaches we can leverage to build the right end user training plan for your organization’s next technology project.

Key Features

Instructor Led Training

The foundation of the training approach is live instructor led training, typically in sessions of 30-120 minutes. This allows your staff to get a walkthrough of the new tools in an environment where they can get their questions answered by an expert. These sessions can be delivered remotely via web conference, onsite at your location, or prerecorded.

Deskside Tutorials

Typically only used for the top 10% of the organization, deskside tutorials are white-glove, 15-minute sessions one-on-one sessions. Perfect for busy executives or executive assistants, we will have one of our instructor consultants meet with them personally to give them the overview of what is critical to them, right on their own devices. These can be done via web conference or in person.

Adoption Booths

New Signature will setup a table at a high-traffic area of your location with devices configured with demo accounts of the new technology, allowing staff to see, touch, and feel it in action. This not only helps get the word out about the new technology, it allows staff to get their questions answered by an expert, and helps relieve any anxiety the impending change may have caused.


Training and adoption is not a one-time effort, but an ongoing process. New Signature can lead train-the-trainer workshops so your internal staff can carry the torch on the training process for onboarding and continuing education.

If your company is ready to begin the journey to a streamlined IT solution, talk to an expert today. As a 2-time Microsoft Partner of the Year winner, we will support that process from beginning to end.

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