Communication is key, and with New Signature’s email migrations using Exchange servers, your business can run smoothly, no matter where your employees are located. Desktop, mobile, browser—we don’t discriminate. Your email, calendar, and contacts will be there when (and where) you need them.

If your company is struggling with communication consistency, or inaccessible communications across the field, the New Signature email migrations service can help remedy these issues, bringing you flexibility and constant availability in communications so your business runs at peak performance.

Whether your solution looks like a cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service), an on-premises package, or a hybrid of these two options, you can know that New Signature will work with your company to tailor your Exchange stack to your unique needs.

New Signature has consistently proven that it has the people, systems, best practices and processes to make a project happen.

George Estrada, CIO | Center for American Progress

Email is the lifeblood of how organizations communicate, and our process-driven method assures that we are deploying solutions just for you. This begins with an in-depth analysis of your needs in order to develop the best communications architecture. Through the transition and upgrade, our Exchange-certified email migrations team will ensure a smooth deployment, all while creating positive staff experiences and educating your team on how to utilize the Microsoft Exchange to its fullest potential.

Key Features


Not only will New Signature help to harness the power of our Exchange products and create more conductivity into your company’s unified communications, but we will also keep your information safe. Our Office 365 Security Solution leverages the enhanced security features of Office 365 including Exchange Online Protection, Data Leakage Protection, Rights Management, and Advanced Threat Protection to further enhance the protection of your company’s most important data.

Full Migration Services

The migration to our Exchange platform is a customized journey that includes analysis, followed by plan development and deployment and is brought together with education and on-going learning to secure product confidence in your team.

Desktop Support & Customized Learning

We value our customers, and want to see them succeed. To that end, we offer desktop support for our email migration services, along with a trove of Microsoft-certified education programs to keep your in-house IT and other teams in sync with the usage and latest Exchange developments.

Did You Know?

New Signature holds 27 awards as a corporation in the area of communication alone.

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