Your active directories could be B2B contact files, financial accounts, or databases of customer contact information. It’s important for that data to be malleable for analysis and secure to protect your customers. Lucky for you, we can help you do both.

When your organization elects to operate under a Microsoft stack of products, one of the most important aspects of that transition is the active directory migration, or the transfer of your company’s data from its current location to the new Microsoft platform. We understand how imperative it is that this process run smoothly and securely, whether your solutions with us is on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid model.

New Signature works with the existing technology provider to ensure a seamless migration of all data, and develops your Microsoft solution to communicate cohesively with the new system until all the data has been migrated successfully. Our Plan-Build-Operate model means that we function as a support to your organization from beginning to end, and beyond.

With New Signature, you are not just adopting a new dynamic technology platform, but you are also beginning a business relationship that grows in strength over time, as we continue to innovate and develop ways to drive your business into the future.

Directories store identity information and may also be used for authentication and authorization services. Directories may be a simple listing but they may control access to one or more applications. Every application, cloud based or on premises, direct or indirect, leverages a directory for controlling access to the application and the data within the application. Hence, directory services are central components in any identity and access management solution.

The challenge for many organizations is the number of directory services that must be managed. The number of directories may increase because of mergers and acquisitions. The number of directories may increase because of a transition to cloud applications. Or they may increase because of decisions made outside of IT. With each directory, identity and access management becomes that much more complex. With each directory, users become more confused about how to access a business application and less efficient in the role they should be doing.

New Signature directory services solutions focus on reducing management complexity, containing costs, maximizing productivity, maintaining data integrity, enforcing organizational or regulatory policy, and minimizing the risks of unauthorized access to network resources. New Signature provides implementation, consolidation, and integration of directory services. New Signature partners with Microsoft to deliver solutions consisting of Active Directory (AD), Azure AD, AD Lightweight Directory Services, AD Federation Services, Azure Application Services, and Microsoft Identity Manager.

Key Features

Plan-Build-Operate model

At New Signature, we are proud of our Plan-Build-Operate business model. This model begins with an in-depth analysis of your business processes and goals. We also provide migration consulting and communications, team education, and smooth change management processes. Our ongoing events and webinars ensure that you always have the opportunity to tap into the newest developments from Microsoft for your business.


We take the security of our customers’ data seriously. During migration, we ensure that your information is confidential and secure.


During the planning phase, we work with you to discuss what Microsoft solution and configuration makes the most sense for your business operations and your goals. We can develop a configuration of tools, apps, and products that are as unique as your business.

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