The purpose of development and operations (DevOps) when bringing a new stack of applications to your business is to advocate for a streamlined and cohesive workflow. Applied properly, it can lead to a more lean and agile operation. A successful DevOps process will coordinate the efforts of develop and IT throughout the entire lifecycle of the service, and will result in a holistic operational system that is scaled properly and functioning at peak performance.

One major development that adds instant value post-migration to a New Signature application is to automate frequent and time-consuming menial management tasks through Azure Automation. This frees your employees’ time to focus on value-added business tasks. And because Azure Automation significantly reduces errors and saves time, your business can reduce costs.

Key Features


Employing a successful DevOps procedure will lead to automated processes and inter-unit collaboration that will save time and reduce costs.

Cloud capabilities

Because Azure is hosted and run through the cloud, accessibility to important information has virtually no barriers, which will mobile your organization.

Plan-Build-Operate model

New Signature functions on a Plan-Build-Operate business model, which means that your company is supported from the preliminary businesses assessment, through migration and beyond with the tools and learning opportunities necessary to succeed.

Operate your business with agility.

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