A New Signature solution is all about meeting your needs. We work with you to anticipate the future needs of your user base, combined with the upcoming trends in your industry. We have the expertise to analyze and solve your business problems by creating applications that help you operate more efficiently.

The process toward creating a custom application for your organization revolves around New Signature’s Plan-Build-Operate model, which is designed to analyze your current business operations, build the best solution, and teach your team how to operate that solution in the more efficient way possible.

Key Features

Guided Customization

You may approach New Signature with an idea about your goals for a custom application, or you may need New Signature’s team to help you analyze your business problems to discover your best solution. Either way, we will work with your organization to ensure value.


New Signature has a deep security discipline. We use state-of-the-art encryption to ensure data stays safe. We have implemented oAuth, OpenID, Kerberos, and Azure Active Directory authentication solutions, ensuring our solutions work well no matter what your authentication needs. We work with third party "white-hat" hackers to validate our security implementation before your application goes live. Our internal development process incorporates a best-of-breed security audit at every stage of design and development to catch security issues as early as possible.

If you would like to learn more about how to develop a custom application to enhance your operations, connect with a New Signature expert today.

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