Developing automation of your service processes can not only save your business time and money, but can also help to optimize other, units, such as sales and marketing, so that your teams are collaborating for the benefit of the customers.

Our New Signature developers can integrate your sales, marketing, and service processes and tools such as Dynamics CRM, Office, Outlook, SharePoint, OneNote, and even your website and social media traffic and data. From accounting processes and project management to reporting and scheduling, you can create a workflow that is lean and streamlined.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, specifically, allows for cross-department collaboration from one easy-to-use platform. Hold discussions in real time from across departments, keep track of data, transfer leads between colleagues, send schedule updates and communications to the sales team, and more.

New Signature is dedicated to customer service and finding the best solution for your unique business by harnessing Microsoft products as a cloud-first partner. We will help analyze your business processes and goals, develop a customized solution, and support your team through migration and beyond.

Key Features

Cost reduction

Automation saves time, and saving time not only saves you money, but frees your team to focus more on adding value to your business operations and interacting in a more personal way with clients.

Increased Productivity

Integrate Outlook, Office, SharePoint, and other tools to create a suite of products that allows you to streamline processes.

Cloud capabilities

Because we can automate these processes and store tools in the cloud, you can keep up with colleagues in real time, and collaborate on leads, communicate about customers and products, and close issues using the tools you are used to, such as OneNote, Outlook, and SharePoint.

Your customers deserve more of your time. Talk to a New Signature expert today about optimizing your service operations.

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