What if we could help you take care of your tasks so that you can actually do your job? With New Signature’s approach to marketing automation using Dynamics CRM and other Microsoft tools, and even your own existing tools, we can build a solution that helps you streamline tasks, add value to your workflow, and reach more potential clients.

With an automation solution for marketing, your team can create emails, web forms, surveys, nurture campaigns and more that can run on a schedule, with automatic replies and tracked data that is displayed on a real-time dashboard. And because CRM can be seamlessly integrated with the other Office products you already use, such an Outlook, Office, and SharePoint, you can function efficiently across departments and distance with sales and service teams.

Our New Signature Microsoft-certified experts will work with your company to determine the best solution for your team based on your business goals and requirements, and support you through migration and beyond with learning opportunities, events, and IT assistance.

Key Features

Cost reduction

Your return on investment will increase when you are able to automate the processes that are necessary to marketing administration, but time-consuming.

Increased Productivity

Integrate Outlook, Office, SharePoint, and other tools to create a suite of products that allows you to streamline processes.

Cloud capabilities

Because we can automate these processes and store tools in the cloud, you can keep up with colleagues in real time, and collaborate on leads, communicate about customers and products, and close deals using the tools you are used to, such as OneNote, Outlook, and SharePoint.

Add structure and automation to your marketing processing.

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