When your organization partners with New Signature, we can help you leverage Azure Active Directory to manage user identities through the cloud and to keep information secure with simple single sign-on processes.

Enterprises planning to move strategic workloads to the cloud must consider how identity works across cloud services and platforms. One result of cloud based computing is the introduction of new identities for enterprise associates. The challenge becomes how to manage these identities in an efficient manner while maintaining appropriate levels of access. Identification, authentication, and authorization must be extended across organizational and platform boundaries. Industry standard methods must be used while conforming to policies by which an organization runs its business. Cloud identity solutions can provide web single sign on capabilities that allow access to multiple applications over the life of a single online session.

New Signature partners with Microsoft to design and deploy cloud identity solutions using Active Directory (AD), AD Federation Services (ADFS), Azure AD Premium, the Azure Application Portal, Azure AD Connect, and Microsoft Identity Manager.

Keeping track of user credentials and identities is a vital task when operating a business. With New Signature, you can have an easy-to-use cloud-based identity management system developed to your needs and specifications, no matter your business size. This includes a secure single sign-on system that allows for streamlined log-ins across different devices.

Running this management tool through the cloud, you will be able to easily monitor user activities, group users by category or lifecycle phase, assign permissions, and maintenance credentials with ease. And because there will no costly infrastructure maintenance, you can scale your cloud usage up or down, depending on how business is going. It’s our goal at New Signature to display our values, offer excellent service, and develop the most efficient Microsoft solutions that are as unique as your company.

Key Features

Plan-Build-Operate Support

New Signature functions on a Plan-Build-Operate model, meaning that we support each of our customers from planning, through building and migration, and all throughout their time operating our solutions. From the preliminary business analysis to implementation and beyond with our ongoing education and support, you have a true expert business relationship with New Signature.


The New Signature team hold various events, and in-person training opportunities for our clients. We always push for innovation, and that means learning with New Signature never ends!


Because your identity lifecycle management process can be operated through the cloud, you can rest assured knowing that your information will not be lost, and that costs will remain low, since the cloud avoids large infrastructure remodeling.

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