At New Signature, we are committed to digging deep with our clients and that is why our strategy-focused process begins with a thorough business assessment. This assessment is critical in directing the course of your company’s solution decisions. Our objective during the assessment phase is to comprehend your company’s business, trends, and goals in order to determine how New Signature can harness and apply Microsoft technologies to your operations. This leads to optimized productivity and stimulated business.

We are here to be your company’s technology expert team. We want our customer partnerships to be rooted in a deep understanding of the business needs, and take a journey of solution discovery and development. Our assessment process helps us learn about your business, collect the needed data, and determining what are the next steps in your company’s personalized solution roadmap.

Key Features


Before a specific plan is created for your company, regardless of what solutions are in store, New Signature begins by asking the right questions that will help us to better-define the problem and uncover the best route toward success.

Data and Workflow Modeling

The collection of data is a quantified assessment of your business. We want to know the type of data you store, how and when it’s used, and how we can structure and record it in a useful manner. This organizational aspect of our assessment process allows for a smoother transition from the assessment to the development phases.

Requirements Development

Before we begin to develop and build your solutions, we complete a hardware and technical assessment of your business to be sure that system requirements are met so that your business experiences optimum connectivity and ease of use.

Did you know?

A well-devised business plan can double your chance of future success! (Small Business Trends Magazine, 2010)

Walk into your Microsoft solution with full confidence that a complete business analysis provides.

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