As the business technology landscape continues to transform, the dominance of mobile solutions continues to grow. New Signature’s team of application developers can assist your company in converting your outdated web and mobile applications into ones that are more performant, or new cloud applications for Azure.

Our cloud-based hosting model allows you to take advantage of amazing capabilities like elastic scaling, which let your applications easily handle spikes in usage without complex infrastructure changes, which can reduce costs significantly. Disaster recovery is made more simple through the cloud, as well as the ability to increase collaboration since cloud-based apps are available from any location and device. And finally, you can never lose data in the cloud, and can easily control access to that data.

Your application solution with New Signature begins with a thorough business assessment that analyzes your current state and future goals. This leads to the most personalized solution for you, along with better performance, increased productivity, and a low cost of ownership. Driven by our core values, we operate around our signature Plan-Build-Operate model, meaning our team supports your team through the entire life-cycle of the solution. From the preliminary analysis, through development and migration, we are your technological business partner. And the development doesn’t end at migration; New Signature has ongoing events and learning opportunities to bring continued Microsoft knowledge to your organization.

Key Features


New Signature operates under our Plan-Build-Operate model, meaning that we support our clients from the preliminary assessment, through migration, and beyond.


Any application written by New Signature—mobile or web-based—is subject to our deep discipline in security. We use state-of-the-art encryption to ensure data stays safe whether it's on the move or stored on a user's device. We have implemented oAuth, OpenID, Kerberos, and Azure Active Directory authentication solutions, ensuring our solutions work well no matter what your authentication needs. We work with third party "white-hat" hackers to validate our security implementation before your app goes to market to verify your data will remain safe. Our internal development process incorporates a best-of-breed security audit at every stage of design and development to catch security issues as early as possible in the development process.


New Signature positions itself as a cloud-first organization, and with access to the cloud, your modernized applications have access to integrate with a myriad of Microsoft platform services.

Integration Capabilities

Because cloud applications are hosted on a cloud provider, such as Microsoft Azure, your applications are then optimized to communicate with other Microsoft products that can track data, store information securely, and monitor your system fitness.

Did you know?

State-of-the-art business applications with all the benefits of cloud computing.

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