Driving your business IT to cloud computing with Microsoft Azure requires proper planning, including an in-depth analysis for how to deliver applications to the cloud in the most efficient and strategic way, while remaining mindful of your business needs and requirements.

New Signature’s AppFactory guides your applications through a processing phase where our experts will analyze the application’s use and value, and determine each application’s individual path to its home in the Cloud. We ask the important questions: When is best to push an application to the Cloud? How should be migrated? How will changes affect business continuity and results?

New Signature is committed to understanding your unique business and delivering a tailored journey to the Cloud. AppFactory includes specialized services, such as discovery processes, application install and testing, launching, and the decommission of old hardware. Application categorization is also available, if needed.

Key Features

Customized Service

Every cloud journey is unique, and requires mindful attention to specific business requirements and objectives. AppFactory helps you take a close look at your business applications and coordinate the most efficient delivery to the future state.


The Discovery process of New Signature’s AppFactory approach analyses the full stack of applications and processes each one through a series of filters, using your business objectives as a measuring device.

Design & Build

Using our discovery findings, our team of infrastructure experts will design and build your infrastructure and manage the transition and lifecycle of each application. This step in the AppFactory also includes the development of a published workbook that summarizes the process for you.

Test & Launch

We prove the quality of the build through testing procedures before and after application installation. This ensures that the full unit is functioning correctly and that applications are performing well within the new infrastructure.

Cloud Management Portal

You can manage your Azure costs and data through our intelligence hub, the New Signature Cloud Management Portal , as an addition to this offer.

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