New Signature’s IT Managed Services is a suite that offers end-to-end management of your technologies and provides expert guidance to help you strategise and operate your solutions to their fullest potential.

New Signature supports your business’s success 24/7/365 and include sthe management of end-points, mobile devices, servers, cloud environments, and more. We also help you adjust goals and steer your business technologies toward the most sustainable future for you, based on your unique business requirements.

Elements of New Signature's Technology Managed Services

Transformative Experience

Technology Managed Services delivers dynamic and progressive results for your business through New Signature’s on-call virtual CIO. From strategic recommendations to annual IT budgeting and forecasting, we elevate your organisation and prepare you for your future.

Technology Management

Our certified professionals are experts in Microsoft technologies, and are committed to your success. A team of responsive consultants are available to you via phone, email, and instant messaging at any time. We work with you side-by-side about your specific needs.

Advisory Services

On top of technology management, our team also provides ongoing education for your staff and performs IT accounting reviews to ensure that your business is budgeted and prepared for success. Your leadership and IT teams also receive reports and metrics to ensure clear visibility on upgrade and modifications to your environment.

The Cloud Management Portal

Enjoy free access to New Signature’s exclusive intelligence hub, the Cloud Management Portal (CMP) as part of IT Managed Services. The CMP delivers complex IT data to an easy-to-use dashboard so you can monitor the pulse of your services.

The Best Process

New Signature plans the best solutions for our customers through strategic envisioning and builds custom dynamic solutions. Technology Managed Services continue our Plan-Build-Operate process long after the solution has been implemented. We assist your team in operating your solutions today and positioning your technical decisions for the best business direction.

Let New Signature Empower Your IT

Technology Managed Services Include

  • Positive Customer Experiences
    Our exceptional customer support is always available.
  • Consistent Monitoring
    Includes PCs, Macs, Servers, and cloud environments.
  • Proper Maintenance
    Provisioning users, asset inventory, patching, backups, and devices.
  • Quick Remediation
    Troubleshoot Microsoft applications, configuration changes, vendor management, virus and malware recovery, mobile device management.
  • Utmost Security
    We maintain your firewalls, antivirus and anti-malware installations.
  • Desktop Experience
    New Signature’s exclusive Desktop Experience service builds, maintains and manages your desktop images across your organisation. This complete desktop service includes patching, image deployment sequences, and desktop health. Desktop Experience is also backed up by Technology Managed Services round-the-clock support and monitoring services.

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