New Signature offers a suite of services to help you plan ahead and keep your data safeguarded. These solutions are positioned to help manage, optimize and protect your cloud environment. They work together to keep your Office 365 cloud-based productivity suite safe from data breaches by providing monitoring for potential threats, management of patching and security actions and 24/7 support to your team.  The core offering, Cloud Management for Office 365, is a managed service solution that can be layered with Office 365 Advanced Security,  Advanced Identity Security and Microsoft Azure Advanced Security to create a seamless system of protection. 

Cyber Attack Preparedness

Currently, only 38% of companies claim they are prepared to handle a cyber-attack.* And with the average cost of a data breach sitting at $150 million*, it’s essential that your organization is protected against threats.

Key Features

Office 365 Advanced Security

Intended for customers who want to add an increased level of security leveraging Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). We provide 24x7 incident investigation and proactive security services to maintain and enhance your security over time.

Microsoft Cloud Advanced Identity Security

Works to maintain heightened identity and access security by resolving alerts, investigating flagged user accounts, and performing detection and risk audits. Our experts also provide proactive services using Identity Secure to determine gaps in identity security and providing reporting and future recommendations.

Microsoft Azure Advanced Security

Built on Azure Sentinel, this service extends Security Information and Management (SIEM) capabilities across your Microsoft Cloud investment. New Signature configures and runs the service on your behalf, flowing alerts through to its Operation Centre for investigation
and protecting your Azure investment.

Cloud Management for Office 365

Optimize your Office 365 solution by allowing New Signature to manage, update and maintain your environment, so you can maximum productivity and focus on managing your business.

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