Deployment of Office 365 is just the beginning of your journey with this dynamic collaborative tool. Proper management and operations are essential in order to optimize the use Office 365 features and compound its benefits over time.

Cloud Management for Office 365 is a managed service by New Signature that supports your organizations Office 365 environment, after deployment and over time to maximize use. Delivered by our expert technology professionals, we provide end-to-end platform management for all aspects of your Office 365 experience.

Office 365 is a constantly changing platform with a fast-paced production schedule and a consistent stream of new and improved features. Cloud Management for Office 365 ensures that your business stays up-to-date and knowledgeable of upcoming changes so that your Office 365 investment is optimized to drive transformational benefits. When our experts manage the Cloud’s speed and complexity for you, it alleviates admin workloads and allows your team to focus on your business’s core competencies and objectives.

As an added layer of support, New Signature provides our customers with the skills required to take full advantage of their investment, by providing knowledge transfer and resources to your service desk to help them more efficiently respond to your staff.  Combined with advanced access to Microsoft Support resources, you can have confidence that when issues arise they are solved right the first time.

Key Features


Monitoring your cloud environment can be time-consuming; with Cloud Management for Office 365, we are here 24/7/365 to deliver support, constantly monitoring our customers’ cloud infrastructures to enhance performance. From confidently evaluating resource needs to determining system management requirements New Signature can provide better business value, operational efficiency and a better return on your Office 365 investment.


Our experts take a proactive measure in managing your Office 365 environment. We stay on top of the fast-paced changes of Office 365, ensuring that your business is taking advantage of all that is offered, aligning it with your goals, objectives, and daily task requirements. Experience less downtime, as our access to top-tier Microsoft support allows us to proactively determine issues and resolve them quickly, reducing impact to your business. Finally, we collect and help you analyze your Office 365 metrics reports, deepening your understanding of your own unique business trends.

Continual Improvement

New Signature is committed to thought leadership and the cultivation of a network of customers who can control their IT, delivering deeper understanding, a higher level of capability and better business operations. As part of this exclusive New Signature offering, you will have access to ongoing educational support and events to increase your knowledge and abilities. We advise and help your team understand how changes to Office 365 might affect your cloud consumption, so that you can make the most informed business decisions as you progress forward in the world of the cloud.

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Our Cloud Management for Office 365 Flyer has even more information about this robust New Signature offer.

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