When it comes to transformation, the people in your business play a vital role in creating change and positioning your business for success. And in a world of a changing workers and workstyles, dispersed teams and complex hierarchies, differentiation comes from adapting your workplace with technology that meets the expectations of a diverse group of individuals and empowers them to achieve their best.

New Signature Modern Workplace solutions help you create an environment where information flows freely and securely, team working is effortless, employees can inform and engage across time-zones and boundaries, and everyone has the opportunity to make rapid, informed decisions. We’ll help you use familiar Microsoft tools and cloud technologies to create enterprise-quality workflows and solutions that deliver a seamless experience to guarantee your teams always have access to the resources they need.

Key Benefits

Increased collaboration – New Signature will help you break down data silos and plug your workforce into an unrivalled set of apps and services for teamwork. Users can choose how they connect, share and communicate across any devices, helping to eliminate the barriers created by geography or working styles.

Transformed interactions – We’ll help you equip your teams with tools that allow them to interact with devices in new ways – voice, digital pen, touch, gesture, Windows Ink, or browsers. Using a range of cutting edge apps and devices we’ll help them see information in fresh new ways that will enhance their ideas, make their communications more compelling, and improve decision-making.

Maximum security – We’ll help you stop advanced threats dead in their tracks by ensuring your corporate data and information are secure whilst empowering you to act quickly to limit business impact, protect users and keep your applications and infrastructure safe.

Simplified integration – Let your employees focus on turning ideas into advantage while we provide a fully integrated service that connects your existing infrastructure and new cloud environments. We’ll also help you automate routine tasks, including app updates and device and application management, so you can free your IT staff up to deal with critical business requirements.

Empowered outcomes – We’ll help you achieve the agility you need to deliver rapid results within your business thanks to technology that’s easier to use and manage across users, devices, apps, and services.


Ready to step into your Modern Workplace?

Get started with New Signature’s Cloud Readiness Assessment. It delivers the preparation you need to plan your cloud journey and optimise past and future investment. Through workshops and assessments, we explore your business and technical goals and provide guidance on how to deliver the best strategy and roadmap for your unique cloud workplace environment.

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