Retail & Consumer Goods

Optimising data and centralising operations to create a retail environment that empowers employees and delivers higher customer satisfaction.

The retail industry hinges on data. From the corporate headquarters, to the area and store managers, and the customer service teams on the floor, it is essential to collect and track as much sales and services data as possible so that you are able to analyse the products your customers desire and provide your teams with the information necessary for them to do their jobs and meet business goals.

A retail solution with New Signature can bring your company connected operations, an empowered workforce, and more customer centricity. Our solutions are backed by our team of Microsoft-certified experts, and our Plan-Build-Operate model. We support our customers from the preliminary business assessment, through development and migration, and beyond with our ongoing events and continued learning opportunities.

New Signature can help you sync your sales and point-of-sale data so that more employees have access to the necessary information on an easy-to-use and familiar dashboard. We can help you to optimise your data to work for you, to help predict trends, and to interact seamlessly with other sales products, office programs, and customer relationship tools. This allows every employee—from the sales floor to the executive level—feel engaged and empowered by their progress and their contribution to the company goals.

At New Signature, we recognise that in the retail sector there is significant drive towards creating an omni channel engagement and experience for customers.   Your online presence is equally as important to your brand as each in-store interaction. To that end, we can assist you in application design and development, payment systems, or an online shopping environment that is aligned with your branding and help to streamline a powerful customer journey. In addition, we can enable your online environment to predict customer trends and build profiles for individuals to help route the products they use most to their fingertips.

New Signature’s thumbprint on the retail world is helping the industry to work intelligently and create a more comprehensive climate for success and customer satisfaction.