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Driving Greater Revenue with Microsoft Technologies

The retail industry has changed immensely over the past few decades. Online shopping is beginning to edge out on brick-and-mortar establishments, and the ability to order products and have them delivered quickly is creating a large demand in shoppers for retail establishments to keep up with their fast pace and demand for seamless, easy and personalized shopping experiences.

In a customer-centric arena like the retail industry, it’s vital to maintain strong connections with customer desires, as well as keep employees engaged, with access to crucial information that helps to drive business.  New Signature can help plan, build and operate solutions that are unique to the needs of the retail industry. Through technologies that help automate time-consuming tasks and discover game-changing data, you can gain deeper insights and an advantage over competitors.

Key Features

Dynamics 365 Solutions

With Dynamics 365 and Internet of Things technologies, your business can become a truly connected enterprise. Using these tools, you can collect translation data, shopper activity and profile information to predict trends and make better strategic business decisions. On the back-end, you can track and view performance indicators and trends easily on rich visual dashboards.

Modern Collaboration

Teams helps to drive the four major components of modern communication that high-performing businesses require—dynamic communication tools, a central space for collaboration, a tailored experience and premium security features. Implementing a Microsoft Teams solution for your institution with New Signature at your side can lead to an optimized experience and the expert guidance to reduce the learning curve and drive a stronger and quicker adoption among employees.

Modern Desktop

Upgrading to Windows 10 with Intune will help to drive operational change within your business, and New Signature has the depth and breadth of expertise to get you there quickly and securely. This solution aligns with New Signature’s position as an end-to-end provider. We help you analyze your current state and plan for the future, build and design that solution, and can manage it for you after launch to ensure optimum performance.

Industry Fact

1 in 3 shoppers have been found to prefer finding information on their devices themselves in a self-service fashion than to speak directly to a customer service associate.

Wondering Where to Start?

A Value Discovery Workshop (VDW) from New Signature is the first-stops to learning about how Microsoft technologies can change your business within your industry. For retail businesses, a VDW gives you the hands-on ability to see and utilize solutions that are unique to your needs. You can dive deeper into data and gain more insight, while improving customer experiences by getting answers quickly. All these solutions increase opportunities, control costs and provide efficiency and agility.

New Signature has been awarded CIE Facilitator of the Year for three years in a row, boasting the most CIE facilitators of any official Microsoft partner. We have the expertise to deliver value to your unique industry goals and requirements.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to elevate your retail business with the best technologies, contact New Signature today.

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