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Becoming a Connected Enterprise

Predictions from business and IT experts are buzzing about the manufacturing and resources industry and how technologies such as IoT and Advanced Analytics, will revolutionize the way they do business. Experts believe that by 2020, global manufacturers will invest $70 billion on IoT solutions per year (Source). With the help of New Signature, your business can experience the benefits of a truly connected enterprise and transform your production facility into a factory of the future.

Beyond IoT technologies, you want your business to be productive, bolstered by the best in collaborative products for agility and efficiency across remote sites. New Signature has the ability to connect your company in ways that will drive production, remove disparate communication barriers and encourage growth.

Key Features

IoT Solutions for Manufacturers

Our experts have developed a number of solutions to drive IoT technologies based on where you are in your cloud journey. Our Cloud Readiness Assessment helps those businesses not yet functioning within the cloud, while our IoT QuickStart and Six Weeks to Insights solutions will help your business take the first steps with advanced analytics technologies. We can also guide you through Use Case Workshops to walk with you through your business requirements and needs to determine a priority for your strategy

Modern Collaboration with Teams

Teams helps to drive the four major components of modern communication that high-performing businesses require—dynamic communication tools, a central space for collaboration, a tailored experience and premium security features. Implementing a Microsoft Teams solution for your agency with New Signature at your side can lead to an optimized experience and the expert guidance to reduce the learning curve and drive a stronger and quicker adoption among employees.

Modern Desktop with Windows 10

Upgrading to Windows 10 with Intune will help to drive operational change within your organization, and New Signature has the depth and breadth of expertise to get you there quickly and securely. This solution aligns with New Signature’s position as an end-to-end provider. We help you analyze your current state and plan for the future, build and design that solution, and can manage it for you after launch to ensure optimum performance.

Industry Fact

Predictions estimate that by 2020, 50 billion devices will be connected through the Internet of Things.

Wondering Where to Start?

There are tiers of solutions to drive IoT technologies for your organization

Cloud Readiness Assessment

For those businesses not yet functioning within Microsoft’s Cloud, our experts prep your business for its journey to the cloud through guided workshops and strategy sessions.

Six Weeks to Insights

The most comprehensive of our IoT solutions, delivering IoT technologies and machine learning services to prove value by quickly utilizing your current equipment.

30-minute IoT Intro Call

If you’re new to the IoT space, you can connect with our data analytics professionals who can educate you on IoT and how it relates to the manufacturing industry.

IoT Quick Start

This one-day solution works to assess your current environment and develop a solution to prove how quickly a realization of IoT value can be experienced.

Use Case Workshops

Our experts walk with you through your business requirements and needs to determine which use cases are a priority for your strategy.

Next Steps

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