Manufacturing & Resources

Technological solutions for a wide array of companies’ manufacturing operations.

New Signature can provide advanced technological solutions for a wide array of companies’ manufacturing operations. We will work with your company to analyze your supply chain and manufacturing processes and to bring connectivity to your operations centers around the globe.

New Signature solutions applied to manufacturing processes can connect marketing, sales, and service forces, allowing for greater cohesiveness and collaboration. This helps communication from the sales field flow through the supply chain and other marketing channels to curate the best sales approach and a rich experience for the customer. You can also mobilize your team so that the same familiar tools and information can be easily-accessed from any device, while keeping productivity moving and information secure.

With New Signature’s developments in IoT (Internet of Things), we are customizing new ways for our customers to collect data about every step of your production process, enabling your team to analyze and determine new and different ways to manufacture your products that will reduce costs, improve operations, and satisfy the customer expectations.

Utilizing cloud computing for manufacturing process improvement allows for data accessibility so that any employee in the supply chain can learn, track goals, and engage in the operations process. Another key collaboration tactic is to engage enterprise social tools, such as Yammer, encouraging employees to participate and communicate with colleagues in an organic and open environment to nourish innovation.