Health & Life Sciences

We develop real solutions for healthcare facilities that respect patient privacy, increase collaboration, and provide tools to access necessary information

In an industry that never sleeps, and where service demands and public expectations are increasing, you need technology solutions that support your operations at all times and across distance, maximising cost-efficiency while still maintaining the utmost in security and privacy.

We understand the unique needs of healthcare and the NHS, and possess the talent, expertise and technology to deliver comprehensive healthcare technology infrastructure solutions which address your core goals around empowering users and reducing costs, while helping to transform patient care.

From NHS Trusts to CCGs and Mental Health units, New Signature can bring your organisation cloud-based tools that enable modern and progressive practice, medical team collaboration and the utmost security, helping you to close service gaps and remove boundaries.

Cloud-computing provides a fully agile, progressive working environment that transforms IT service to improve patient care and team performance with ultimate control, allowing users to access cloud services from datacentre to desktop and device. Your team can share documents, policies and procedures, and retain patient information securely in the cloud, safe from loss, breeches, or potential compromise. Our mobile device management capabilities keep sensitive information in the cloud, allowing you complete control over user access and empowering employees with information on any device securely.