Delivering the best balance of productivity and security to the modern government workplace.

Delivering improved services to the community whilst maximising efficiency against a backdrop of austerity are just some of the challenges facing government organisations today. At New Signature, we have helped a huge number of government organisations transform their IT to deliver real benefits to their communities and their staff.

As a G-Cloud 9 authorised supplier, New Signature has a range of cloud first solutions that allow government organisations to use technology as an enabler for change. Whether that’s to optimise your technology to heighten cyber-security efforts, enhance inter-agency collaboration or to encourage economic and social growth.

Managing the technology for a government organisation requires diverse applications, dynamic collaboration tools, and accessibility for customers, constituents, and employees alike. We know and can anticipate the needs of your city, county, or region. Across a community, IT solutions are required for every aspect of operation. This variety of needs and high-level of moving parts requires a solution that is as unique as your community. Our dynamic tools can help encourage economic growth, promote quality governance, and develop the social scope of your area.

New Signature operates around our Plan-Build-Operate business model, meaning that we support you through the entire lifecycle of the solution. We begin with an in-depth analysis of your needs, and we can develop the best way to deliver on those requirements while still providing excellent customer service and applying cloud- and mobile-first technology to your industry. We also provide learning curricula, comprehensive adoption processes, and ongoing events and opportunities to help your team make the best use of their technology.

If your employees need a better way to communicate across the field, we can supply you with cloud-based messaging applications and a shared space for necessary information that can be accessed from anywhere and any device. If you need to communicate with the public, we can enhance your applications and optimise your marketing with analytics that will help to track the demographics and trends in your area. Whatever your area of need, New Signature’s user design team of Microsoft-certified experts can craft a solution around your needs that you can work better with, and that works for you.