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Communications and media businesses strive to keep customers up-to-date with timeliness, flexibility and adaptability across a myriad of different devices. Likewise, their employees are looking for many of the same ideals: flexibility and centralized access to resources as they work remotely or across different departments and locations. New Signature can help businesses address their needs and empower them to overcome challenges with Microsoft technologies.

Some benefits to a media and communications solution from New Signature include:

  • Gain insights by unlocking data to help you make more informed decisions.
  • Deliver the best content across multiple platforms to create compelling reader/subscriber experiences.
  • Secure your customer data and ensure subscriber information is safe from threat
  • Enhance collaboration and elevate customer collaboration experience.
  • Engage employees by enabling flexibility and mobility with easy access on any device through Microsoft’s Cloud.


When it came to a tool and a partner to serve a need and solve problems, New Signature provided that. It became a real partnership with IT, communication and the rest of the organization.”

Ian Richardson, Social Media & IT Technical Product Manager | | Rogers Communications

Wondering where to start?

The Microsoft Value Discovery Workshop delivers in-depth education about how Microsoft tools and New Signature expertise can solve the pain points for your media or communications business and deliver transformative solutions for your employees and customers.

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