Communications & Media

Technological solutions increase collaboration for industries that never stop.

As long as things are happening, the media industries are working around the clock to report on those issues.

At New Signature, we understand the need for technology that works as hard as they do and helps employees—reporters, anchors, writers, and more—connect and collaborate across distance with ease. New Signature is a cloud- and mobile-first company, and we bring those solutions to our customers, which increases productivity and helps to reduce cost with the scalability of the cloud.

In addition, New Signature can streamline all the familiar existing office tools and programs—like Office and Outlook—into the cloud, which keeps your intellectual property secure and necessary information accessible. With a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, you can watch your traffic online and on social media and harness that information to route relevant information to interested and engaged individuals.

New Signature can also benefit your organization’s communications operations, as well, by automating frequent and time-consuming tasks, automating email responses. We can help your company create a seamless omni-channel experience for customers that will build brand loyalty and deliver excellent service.

New Signature adheres to our Plan-Build-Operate, meaning that we will support your solution and company through the entire life cycle. We begin a solution journey by working with your team to analyze your current state of operations, goals, and technology desires. We will help you to determining the best technological fit for your employees, customers, and business end goals. From there, we will support and communicate with staff through development and migration, beyond with our ongoing events and learning opportunities.