We live in a time of opportunity—but also phenomenal risk. Keeping up with technological change is a challenge and many businesses are held back by legacy infrastructure and old-fashioned operating models, preventing them from thriving in the digital world.

What is <NS:GO>?

In a digital world, transformation is the only constant. To keep your business performing at a digital speed, we have developed NS:GO, our digital operating model that combines services, expertise and a unique deployment approach to unleash cloud capability and deliver real technological and cultural change across your organization.

Why <NS:GO>?

NS:GO gives your business the confidence and IT resources to realize its digital potential. It combines services, expertise and our unique deployment technology, NS:GO/DriveTrain, to fuel your cloud potential. Offering the ease and simplicity of out-of-the-box functionality, NS:GO/DriveTrain integrates the capabilities of the most powerful tools in a set of governance and compliance controls.

NS:GO is our exclusive framework that combines services, expertise and our unique deployment technology to unleash cloud capability and deliver real change.

Based on Microsoft’s own Cloud Adoption Framework, NS:GO offers a guided step-by-step process and a series of best practices, so businesses can embrace cloud-native digital operations with minimal hassle.

We work with you to remove siloes, shift old ways of thinking, revitalize your culture and get your IT working in harmony with the wider organization. We build NS:GO on top of six service lines covering project and managed services including:

What Makes <NS:GO> Special?

NS:GO is a cloud native operating model – which leverages features built into the underlying cloud platform. For too long, IT decision makers have been encouraged to select individual standalone technologies over a well-integrated, holistically designed suite of tools that work together seamlessly. The NS:GO approach  offers significantly quicker results as the technology is designed  to work together.


The deployment technology which powers NS:GO integrates best practice governance, compliance, manageability and agility. We call this NS:GO/DriveTrain – and it allows us to create a view of what ‘perfect’ looks like for our customers, imagining how businesses could operate if they weren’t burdened by a range of historical,  on-premise tools and technologies.

<NS:GO/Drivetrain>for Azure and Dynamics

We use NS:GO/DriveTrain to build fully functioning datacenters, which can then be connected to an existing on-premises environment. This environment can be managed and controlled using Azure Monitor, with service management and security products layered over the top. It’s a powerful and customizable solution, delivered with the ease of out-of-the-box functionality. It gets you straight to a best practice end state with the compliance and security we know our customers rely on.

<NS:GO/Drivetrain>for Microsoft 365

For Microsoft 365, we start at the device level, using native cloud enrollment and an array of technologies to provide advanced threat protection and device integrity across Windows 10, Android and iOS. Devices are governed and protected by Intune and Desktop Analytics. These devices are connected to our ServiceNow and Cloud Management Portal (CMP) platforms to manage event and incident data. We can also connect existing on-premises System Center environments for customers who use SCCM today.

Beyond cloud deployment: managing the new model 

Managing a new set of tools, policies and processes is quite another. And for all the benefits a cloud-native environment brings, the time and resources needed to manage it is significant, it can be a big change from the way things are done today.

New Signature experts can help to upskill and cross-skill existing employees in-house, or manage the new cloud environment on your behalf.

Fueling <NS:GO> with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework:

New Signature follows Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) to deliver an expert-developed approach to cloud adoption and optimization. We use this Framework as the foundation to get your organization to the cloud through our approach with NS:GO. The Cloud Adoption Framework works to define your business motivations and create a cloud roadmap customized to your requirements and business objectives.

Where will your business GO?

When change is constant, transformation is vital – and for organizations who want to be industry leaders, that process must begin now.

Want more information on embracing the new digital world through the public cloud? Download our new guide ‘Going Digital: How a New Digital Operating Model can Power Transformation’