We live in a time of opportunity—but also phenomenal risk. Keeping up with technological change is a challenge and many businesses are held back by legacy infrastructure and old-fashioned operating models, preventing them from thriving in the digital world. Investing in a digital operating model is the only way to reap the full benefits of technology. But we know that moving to—and managing—a cloud native environment is complicated. So we’ve developed <NS:GO>, a framework that unleashes cloud capability for businesses, at speed.

What is <NS:GO>?

<NS:GO> gives your business the confidence and IT resources to realise its digital potential. It combines services, expertise and our unique deployment technology, <NS:GO/DriveTrain>, to fuel your cloud potential. Offering the ease and simplicity of out-of-the-box functionality, <NS:GO/DriveTrain> integrates the capabilities of the most powerful tools in a set of governance and compliance controls.

Our two cloud operating models—<NS:GO/Azure> and <NS:GO/365>, are based on Microsoft’s own cloud adoption framework and encompass infrastructure, applications and end-user computing respectively—whilst offering the professional and managed services required to build and run a Microsoft cloud environment.


We use <NS:GO/DriveTrain> to build fully functioning data centers that can then be connected to existing on-premises environments. This can be controlled using Azure monitor, with service management and security products layered over the top. Combined, this delivers a compliant and secure cloud environment with the simplicity of an out-of-the-box solution.


Starting at the device level, we bring together our many years of experience to deliver impactful, compliant change across industries and verticals. A range of technologies provide advanced threat protection and device integrity, with governance and further protection provided by Intune, Azure Monitor, and Desktop Analytics.

Beyond cloud deployment: managing the new model 

Managing a new set of tools, policies and processes can be a big change. With both <NS:GO> digital operating models, you can handle the management of your new cloud environment in-house, with New Signature helping to upskill and cross-skill your employees. Or, we can offer  SIAM-led assisted cloud management in the short, medium or long-term, providing time and efficiency savings for your business and help where it’s needed most. We will:

  • Monitor and manage environments to allow you to focus on delivering business value
  • Proactively make and take recommendations to reduce costs and keep your cloud environment operating efficiently
  • Identify and resolve problems at speed
  • Provide capabilities across the entire spectrum of requirements,
  • Act as a resolver to existing service management worlds

It’s time to <NS:GO> digital

Make your move to becoming a cloud native business simple with a digital operating model that allows your business to unleash it true potential.

Download our guide ‘Going Digital: how a new digital operating model and power transformation’