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These are exciting times for businesses. Modern workplaces provide a productive and culturally sound space for employees to collaborate easily, work smarter and grow. Technological advances are creating new opportunities every day, but surviving and thriving in today’s competitive landscape means developing increased flexibility and faster go-to-market strategies.

As the digital world turns, people are increasingly accustomed to instant access, self-service and a myriad of communications options. And with internationally dispersed teams becoming the norm, you must think globally, not just digitally. Today, employees work in twice as many teams as they did five years ago. The workforce is also incredibly diverse, which attributes to differing workstyles.

Microsoft 365 is not a simply a tool to help drive collaboration in the modern workplace; it’s the entire toolkit. Microsoft 365 brings together the productivity tools of Office 365, with all the best in self-service security.

  • Office 365 is cloud-based collaboration tools for the modern business, which includes all the Microsoft Office tools, along with easy sharing and communication to drive productivity and unify teams. New Signature can also assist your business with ongoing Office 365 management with our Cloud Management for Office 365 managed service offering.
  • Windows 10 is the newest version of Windows, offering a customizable, cohesive and secure desktop experience.
  • Enterprise + Mobility Security (EMS) is Microsoft’s comprehensive cloud solution to address the consumerization of IT, bring your own device and Software-as-a-Service challenges.

During this webinar, one of our Solutions Architects will guide you through all the benefits of Microsoft 365, and will touch on the common drivers for moving toward a modern workplace IT environment, including mobility, security, compliance and the managing new features roll outs. This includes a close look at New Signature’s ability to provide Office 365 managed services to help you optimize, manage and protect your environment and navigate the complexities and fast pace of the cloud.


View the recording of this session, here.