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Please join us for this exclusive, executive roundtable event. In addition to the great line up of speakers listed below, this will be an opportunity to network, share challenges and solutions with peers, and get all your questions answered.

This is an invitation only event.

Included in this event, you will see:

  • Microsoft Trusted Cloud – Made in Canada – John Hewie, Microsoft National Security Officer
    In a mobile-first, cloud-first world, trust is more important than ever. At Microsoft, we know that organizations won’t use technology they don’t trust. Decision makers want to understand the security, privacy, compliance and transparency commitments of their cloud service provider, understand where the lines of shared responsibility are and then weigh these in an appropriate risk management framework. This session will explore Microsoft’s Trusted Cloud principles and how they apply to Canadian privacy, regulatory and compliance requirements in the context of local datacenters.
  • Compliant Operations in an aaS World – James Arlen, Director, Risk Advisory Services at Leviathan Security Group
    Moving towards an entirely cloud-based information technology capability seems to be the end-game for many organizations both large and small. While this is an excellent response to managing complexity and capital expenditures, it doesn’t relieve us of the requirement to operate our systems and software in a compliant fashion. When you’re operating from multiple (I/P/S)aaS providers and no longer fully operating your own infrastructure, how do you build a management structure (people, process, and technology) to support your ability to report internally and to your customers on your overall compliance posture? How can you know what your actual security posture is? This session is built from years of practical experience in multiple fully public, hybrid, and fully private cloud enabled organizations (and if the stars align, will include practical demonstrations!)
  • Covering Your ?aaS: New Security Challenges in Cloud – Brian Bourne, New Signature’s Executive Vice President, Products
    Pockets of various SaaS applications are popping up all over the enterprise.  Teams are starting to build the next generation of applications on a PaaS offering.  The agility, consumption pricing model and functionality of IaaS are causing organizations to abandon their own datacenters.  Who takes responsibility for security in this new world? What does “shared responsibility” even mean?  What are the key areas to focus on building or updating your security strategy and plan?  Where should you start?  I’m hoping to spark a lively discussion on everything from single sign on to patching strategies.  Be sure to bring your questions!



8:30AM – 9:00AM     Check-In

9:00AM – 9:15AM     Welcome

9:15AM – 12:15PM    Presentations

12:15PM – 1:45PM    Lunch / Panel


We hope you will join us for what promises to be an exciting day of exploration, discovery and networking.