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Office 365:  Ensuring Successful Security Webinar

Join New Signature’s Daryl Novak, Director, Information Security, for a free webinar on helping your organization stay ahead of the hackers and protect data using best-in-class tools from Microsoft.

In today’s technological landscape, security breaches are becoming more common. Maintaining a strong security posture is essential. As hackers continue to target sensitive business data, we often see high-profile institutions fall prey to hackers’ attacks through a variety of methods including phishing attempts, malware downloads and unauthorized access.

In this session, Daryl will guide you through:

  • Modern approaches to security architecture, focused on securing identity and email, and how this can supplement or supplant existing security tools
  • How to maintain or boost end-user experience while improving security
  • Why an on-going security management program is vital to ensuring the best value from your security investments and maintaining the lowest possible risk profile
  • The major investments that Microsoft has made in tools, technologies and services that, when properly implemented and managed, significantly reduces the risk to your organization

This webinar will allow you to learn about New Signature’s Security Solutions Strategy, so you can have a clearer understanding of what your organization’s current landscape looks like and work towards improving your security posture into a more sustainable and secure environment.


January 30th, 2020
10:00 – 10:45AM ET

Link will be emailed following registration