Cloud Transformation Scenarios


Organizations that are planning to start a journey to the cloud, but are reluctant due to concerns.

Some industries are faster than others in the adoption of cloud solutions. Some have waited because of security questions or are hesitant to move without a full risk and ROI assessment. However, innovative technology platforms and cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure are elevating IT into a strategic business driver and are able to address all the key concerns.

If your IT infrastructure and applications are on-premises and you are looking for a strategic partner to help you transform your business with guidance on roadmap, assessment, governance, compliance and security, talk to New Signature.


Organizations that are using Microsoft Azure or another cloud platform at a small scale, but have not realized full potential.

Many organizations have taken the steps toward a more modern business in the cloud, but haven’t strategically optimized the cloud environment to get the best value, performance and security.

If you are interested in getting insights on how to best coordinate your technologies to leverage your cloud investment and improve effectiveness, talk to New Signature.


Organizations that require a mix of on-premises and private cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms.

For some organizations moving everything to the cloud is not possible. The reasons can vary, sometimes it is due to how a specific workload is architected or potential perceived risks of moving to the cloud. These organizations choose a hybrid approach to cloud, utilizing both on-premises and cloud environments for their workloads. New Signature delivers services for hybrid scenarios utilizing Microsoft’s Azure Stack, which enables true hybrid cloud computing.

For more information on cloud adoption and Azure migration planning, download our "10 Things to Consider Before Your Azure Migration" whitepaper.

Top Cloud Challenges

No matter where businesses are in their cloud journey, they often struggle with important challenges that prevent them from realizing the full potential of cloud solutions. Here are some of the top challenges businesses saw in 2017 grouped by the stages of cloud readiness.

There are many reasons for moving IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud.
Here are the three key cloud transformation scenarios that organizations typically face.

Source: Cloud systems management the next big challenge for IT pros - TechTarget, June 15, 2017.

Addressing the challenges is easy with New Signature’s

Cloud Transformation Program

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Phase 1

Discover & Plan the Cloud Transformation

Begin your cloud infrastructure transformation with assessment and planning activities to discover the business and technical requirements, as well as the success criteria unique to your business needs. New Signature will:

  • Conduct up to three sessions to identify success criteria and underlying requirements via stakeholder interviews and/or execution of analysis tools
  • Conduct Azure fundamentals briefings
  • Document the success criteria, requirements and workloads

Phase 2

Build the Virtual Datacenter

Provision the cloud environment using Microsoft Azure Virtual Datacenter design patterns to cover all aspects of cloud competencies

  • Identity – We help you fully manage your users' lifecycles and maintain identify security and governance.
  • Security – We work with you to understand and utilize Microsoft security tools to maintain protection in your environment.
  • Governance – Our exclusive intelligence hub, The Cloud Management Portal, enables self-service monitoring of your Azure billing and activity.
  • Management – We help you plan for your ongoing needs to manage your cloud environment.

Phase 3

Select Workload for Migration

Once your sample foundation is built using Azure Virtual Datacenter, the New Signature team will assist you in selecting workloads that offer a quick proof of value and physically move them into Azure for you.

This is a true migration of a sampling of workloads into the start of your cloud infrastructure. Workloads will be selected based on level of complexity and ability to prove value.

Phase 4

Manage, Protect & Optimize Your Cloud Infrastructure

New Signature’s Cloud Management for Azure provides you with the support needed to keep your environment optimized, managed and protected. Services include:

  • Azure Care Package - As the key component of New Signature’s Cloud Management for Azure, the care package provides spend analysis, education, and support, along with access to New Signature subject-matter experts for administrative and advisory services.
  • Cloud Management Portal - The New Signature Cloud Management Portal (CMP) is the intelligence hub for all New Signature Managed Services. The CMP translates complex transactional data into dashboards, enabling self-service monitoring and control by department, by project, or by cost center.
  • Azure Subscription - Optionally, purchase Azure directly from New Signature without a pre-paid long-term commitment and take advantage of our bundled services and end-to-end customer support. The ability to purchase Azure provides one seamless partner for all your needs.