Willmott Dixon is one of the United Kingdom’s largest and most long-standing construction and interior fit-out companies. Established in 1852, it has been servicing the UK market for 160 years and has grown to over 3,000 employees with a turnover of £1.2 billion.

Not only is Willmott Dixon notable for its size, growth and success, but it continues to be a family-run organization dedicated to leaving a positive legacy in our communities and environment, valuing innovation, partnership, sustainability and people above all. It’s important to Willmott Dixon to create a modern workforce and to differentiate themselves through the Microsoft public cloud platform.


Although Willmott Dixon boasts a storied history in the United Kingdom, they also work to create a sustainable modern business, focusing on their four core values—innovation, partnership, sustainability and people. In order to align to those values, they knew they needed to address some growing technological challenges, such as storage issues, limited scalability and reliability of their legacy datacenters. Their current on-premises infrastructure was rapidly approaching its end of useful life, and it took much of Willmott-Dixon’s resources to keep that legacy infrastructure afloat.

The company leaders faced a critical choice—replace millions of pounds worth of on-premises infrastructure or move to the cloud.

“If we hadn’t done this project with New Signature, we would be saying ‘no’ quite a lot of the time, and now we are able to say ‘yes’ all of the time.”

Gareth Davies | Head of Technology Services | Willmott Dixon


Because the cloud not only solves their problem, but also aligns to their core values and business vision, Wilmott Dixon leaders decided that the business needed to elevate its datacenters and rehost their on-premises Windows servers to the cloud and chose the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group as their partner of choice.

With extensive cloud capabilities and expert Azure MSP status, Cognizant Microsoft Business Group was able to demonstrate how moving to an Azure platform would not only enable more reliability and scalability, but that it would also deliver immense financial benefit to the business.

Willmott Dixon had never completed a datacenter migration and rehosting project of this scale in the past, and trusted the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group to deliver a magnitude of benefits and help them develop their fully geo-redundant IT cloud platform that scales when increased computing demand is required.


Cognizant Microsoft Business Group opened the door for Willmott Dixon to create a digital operating model. This means that they are now fully leveraging the public cloud and benefiting from that experience. After migrating and rehosting their servers, Willmott Dixon was almost immediately able to start standing up new services for their clients, began layering their cloud platform with modern workplace tools such as Power BI and now have insight into all their cost management data. Willmott Dixon can now scale up, right-size and estimate costs better than ever before.

This solution has also paved the way for Willmott Dixon to elevate their status further with additional technologies. They have 3D rendering in Azure, DevOps projects and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) projects in their current project roadmap.

Why Cognizant Microsoft Business Group?

Cognizant Microsoft Business Group was chosen for agility and speed to deliver for an organization of this size and was able to meet Willmott Dixon timeline for this technological upscale, but Wilmott Dixon’s choice to partner with Cognizant Microsoft Business Group was more than just a business choice, it was a cultural choice. Where other partners proposed a one-size-fits-all solution for them, the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group was able to align to their culture, identify their needs based on that culture, and develop a tailored solution to propel Willmott-Dixon into a sustainable and innovative digital model.