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Cognizant Microsoft Business Group (formerly New Signature) was Microsoft’s UK Partner of the Year 2014. With a decade of experience delivering solutions on the Microsoft platform, and over five years’ experience leveraging the Microsoft Cloud, Cognizant Microsoft Business Group brings a wealth of knowledge and repeatable solutions to business and technology challenges. Cognizant Microsoft Business Group is uniquely placed with its Cloud Managed Platform (CMP) to help assess, migrate and then manage applications, workloads and infrastructure in the cloud. Cognizant Microsoft Business Group is also a partner of Microsoft for the implementation of Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite technologies to enable modern working methodologies.


The Prospects Group provides tailored education, employment, training and care products and services for people at all stages of life. Each year Prospects inspires more than 500,000 people to develop their potential and transform their lives. More than 1,400 professional and skilled colleagues provide practical support to the local communities they are based in across the UK and internationally. Prospects are one of the largest employee-owned companies in the UK. It is also a Leader in Diversity and ranked in the top 100 index by the National Centre for Diversity. Prospects provide a wide range of services such as the National Careers Service, Ofsted Early Years Inspection Services, Education consultancy, academy and school improvement services and many others.

The Challenge

Prospects were keen to address a historic lack of investment in IT by leveraging off premises opportunities for their IT provision. Many users of the IT systems were either remote, temporary or in third party organisations. Therefore, having a stable IT platform for collaboration and productivity without a huge investment in remote access solutions was key. Prospects saw an opportunity to leverage Microsoft Cloud technology to enable swift provision of IT in a secure manner and reduce ongoing management and maintenance, including system upgrades. Having stability and enhanced user experience were vital to the success of the project. Prospects, supported by Cognizant Microsoft Business Group , were able to successfully provide a platform for in-flight business projects to adopt new IT services.

The Solution

The implementation of Office 365 and Azure services in a hybrid manner to existing systems meant that Prospects could control the speed of the move to the new platform after the implementation and initial migration with Cognizant Microsoft Business Group . The IT team were quickly able to focus on the advantages of an “as a Service” platform, meaning they were able to realise the business case benefits without being hindered by technical challenges. Yammer was used as a wide-ranging communication and discussion platform throughout the organisation and third parties during the adoption and beyond. Skype and Exchange Online ensured communications on a single platform with integration to SharePoint Online coming in future phases. Prospects worked with the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group to quickly design the Azure infrastructure networking and environment, using preferred practices. Cognizant Microsoft Business Group approached this with a view to building a long term, secure and scalable infrastructure in which to provision IT services for immediate and future business requirements.

We partnered with the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group to help with our adoption of public cloud services. We wanted to ensure that we picked the right partner who had the correct experience and credentials within Microsoft to ensure our journey was smooth and in the right direction. With the help of Cognizant Microsoft Business Group, Prospects has a productivity and collaboration platform for our users that allows them to get on with their jobs.

Along with that, we have a robust and scalable infrastructure environment running on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Our initial requirements were to create a platform where all our users from disparate elements of the ecosystem could work together. Office 365 helped us to do this quickly, without the typical lengthy lead times and expenses associated with such a project. We now have a resilient, scalable platform for us to implement further services on in the future. The implementation process could not have been smoother and Cognizant Microsoft Business Group proved themselves to be experts in their field

Ken Moss, ICT Director | Prospects Services

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