Overwhelmed with monitoring critical, complex systems in a 24/7 capacity, global mining companies rely on the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group for managed services. Because of its deep expertise, the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group team is able to work remotely, deal with connectivity issues, and reduce downtime to ensure compliance for the companies and safety for their workers.


With locations spanning several continents, international mining companies are responsible for managing a wide range of operating systems for numerous applications across the globe.

Not only are these remote systems responsible for sharing important data with head offices, as publicly traded companies it is critical that monitoring is consistent around financial reporting. Additionally, mining equipment which connects to servers monitors for safety issues such as oxygen levels within mines and tracks any threat of shifting or movement around the mines.

As such, mining companies need a solution to ensure that systems are not only up and running around the clock, but that they are monitored to safeguard against any potential failure.


Multiple mining companies have turned to Cognizant Microsoft Business Group for its expertise in managed services. Because of its broad knowledge base and vast experience within the mining industry, the New Signature team provides these companies with systems and infrastructures that are proven to work.

Cognizant Microsoft Business Group is able to step in and quickly integrate with these companies’ existing internal processes and workflows. To monitor these systems, Cognizant Microsoft Business Group (Cognizant MBG) assembles dedicated teams of technically-savvy Microsoft analysts to operate 24x7x365 Network Operations Centers based in North America.

The Cognizant MBG team provides proactive monitoring to collate application health with operating system performance. It also gathers and presents reporting on system performance with a periodic review to ensure the operating system is healthy for each organization.


By using Cognizant Microsoft Business Group’s teams of professionals with extensive subject matter knowledge to monitor and maintain their technology, these mining companies have recognized some significant benefits.

Besides simply managing virtual machines, storage, disaster recovery, and network configurations, the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group teams also provide an increased efficiency and greater agility to each company’s processes. Because of Cognizant Microsoft Business Group’s size and bench strength, it can provide dedicated experts around the clock for each organization. It is also able to take care of patch compliance, saving internal IT teams from administering patches on off hours or weekends, thereby reducing expenses.

Additionally, thanks to Cognizant Microsoft Business Group’s range of resources and capabilities, the mining companies’ networks for communicating data from remote locations are stronger and less apt to go down.

We know the challenges that mining companies face when it comes to on premises and cloud environments, so we’re able to help solve their issues quickly and seamlessly. Our team is trained to maintain the health and integrity of these companies’ critical business applications, and serve as experts for assistance around the clock, every day of the year.

Dave Torresan | VP, Managed Services - Cognizant Microsoft Business Group


Thanks to these solutions, multiple mining companies have experienced reduced downtime through predictive failure, which allows visibility of impending problems before they become critical.

What’s more, enhanced reporting enables these companies to plan proactively, and the integration of System Center products extracts maximum business value for these organizations.

Internal IT teams have been able to reallocate their time and focus on more valuable and strategic work that benefits the organizations in other areas, versus spending time monitoring their systems. Additionally, these mining companies have reduced expenses while gaining access to a team of skilled subject matter experts.