Founded in 1995, EdComs has become one of the UK’s leading Marketing & Communications consultancies specialising in the development of multi-channel communications programmes for FTSE 100 and Government organisations. Historically EdComs had invested extensively in its IT infrastructure to empower its staff and meet the stringent compliance requirements of its clients. In today’s challenging financial climate, ROI has never been more critical to their business.

“You have come up with the right solution again for us. We needed to look at saving money year on year but couldn’t compromise up-time or security. Cognizant Microsoft Business Group (formerly New Signature) delivered once again!”


Challenge & Solution

EdComs’ systems and software licencing were reaching end of life and they knew they needed to replace or find another solution to take the business forward. The business was keen to explore new approaches to extend current capabilities whilst also reducing complexity and mounting IT costs. Cognizant Microsoft Business Group developed and delivered a cloud solution based on Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Intune to meet that need for additional functionality whilst also providing a future-proof platform for growth. EdComs now have cutting-edge tools to maximise productivity and simplify systems management.


EdComs is enjoying a host of business benefits. With all data stored securely in the cloud within Microsoft datacenters, EdComs has complete reassurance that it will never risk data loss or outage. The team have the freedom to work on the move from any location and any device of their choice. With data encryption, Antivirus, and Malware protection built into their Office 365 and Intune solution, they can confidently meet compliance requirements; whilst cost-efficiency puts them back in control of their IT. Without the need to purchase expensive new hardware or renew software licenses, EdComs has saved over 20% of the new system cost in the first year alone.