Indigina are an international next generation software technology company with offices in UK, USA and Asia Pacific. Indigina’s main business product is SupplyStream which delivers product life cycle management (PLM), supply chain execution (SCE), Warehouse management (WMS) and several other associated software disciplines as one solution in a single web-based technology architecture. Indigina continues to evolve their software to meet the demands of their world-class customers and their regional offices work very closely with each client.

Cognizant Microsoft Business Group

With a decade of experience delivering solutions on the Microsoft platform and over five years’ experience leveraging Microsoft cloud, Cognizant Microsoft Business Group brings a wealth of knowledge and repeatable solutions to business and technology challenges.

The Challenge

SupplyStream is a business critical SaaS application used throughout the US, Europe and the Far East. The application was running on hardware on-premises, requiring management of both the server hardware and its software. As a result, this was putting constraints on both the scalability and availability of the application.

The Solution

Indigina were able to cut maintenance efforts by migrating their on-premises application to the fully managed cloud platform offered by Microsoft Azure. Cognizant Microsoft Business Group (Cognizant MBG) conducted the necessary upgrades and transformations to make the application cloud-ready, then moved it to Azure’s managed platform. Indigina will not have to worry about availability, hardware maintenance or operating system updates again.

During this migration Cognizant Microsoft Business Group reviewed the source code, transforming it to take maximum advantage of the cloud platform (i.e. replacing the on-premises message queueing system with the high throughput Azure Service Bus). Cognizant Microsoft Business Group also worked with Indigina’s development team to optimise database performance for the best scalability. During the migration, Cognizant MBG built out a multi-regional fail-proof architecture. As a result of this highly available architecture, SupplyStream now utilises the global distribution of Microsoft Azure data centres, where the application is present in a number of different data centres across the globe. Constant monitoring tools were also provided in case the application and/or database in one data centre became unavailable to due to a failure or disaster. If this happens, the reserve system will take its place and the business can continue operations as normal.

Cognizant Microsoft Business Group migrated SupplyStream, Indigina’s on-premises business critical SaaS application, to Microsoft Azure. They enabled us to fully utilise the benefits of the scalability and availability of the cloud platform. Not only has the move cut maintenance efforts, but it has given us reassurances that in the event of a disaster we can maintain business as usual.

Cognizant Microsoft Business Group worked closely with our internal development team on performance optimisation and demonstrated high levels of professionalism and a willingness to share their expertise between teams. The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group team has worked in an Agile fashion completing the migration and necessary updates quickly and efficiently with an unrivalled attention to detail.

Alon Kovner, Technical Director | Indigina