For over 25 years, ICS Cool Energy has been providing cooling and heating solutions to a wide range of industries including Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Data Centres, and more. In that time the business has grown across Europe to over 250 people but one thing has remained constant – their commitment to consistent, high quality customer service. Being flexible and providing solutions ‘at the speed of want’ has earned them customer trust and loyalty in a highly competitive market. As ICS Cool Energy expanded throughout Europe, they needed to modernise their IT to unite 8 disparate units and maintain excellent customer service.

“With Cognizant Microsoft Business Group's support, we’ve made a considerable leap forward. Information flow and communication is smoother, data is now consolidated in the cloud. Everyone is able to deliver the best possible customer satisfaction.”

ICS Cool Energy

Challenge & Solution

Each division had independent email and document management systems and outdated, unconnected servers. Multiple versions of software were in use, and mobile sales teams were resorting to a mix of old laptops and iPads to work effectively on the move. Information sharing and team working was virtually impossible, and the business faced business continuity risk. Cognizant Microsoft Business Group recommended a modern IT platform comprising Microsoft Office 365 for email, collaboration tools, cloud storage and Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 for on-premise app hosting, and Surface Pro 3 tablets running Windows 8.1. Dynamics CRM Online completes the cutting-edge environment.


The new IT platform has connected the business, enabling dispersed teams to work together effortlessly in real-time. Directors no longer need to travel to be with their teams and vital company updates are delivered through video conference. Customer response times are faster and new requests can be processed instantaneously. Customer information and insights are shared centrally on SharePoint and mobile sales teams work with complete productivity from any location. Microsoft’s ISO certified information security provides ICS Cool Energy with an immediate business continuity solution and the IT environment can be quickly and cost-effectively replicated in new country sites, as the business continues to grow.