Cognizant Microsoft Business Group

Cognizant Microsoft Business Group, as Microsoft’s UK Partner of the Year 2014, has proven capability and are highly accredited for both Microsoft Azure and Office 365. The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group pride themselves on high-performance implementation delivery projects and steadfast managed services. Their transformational services are a new way to think about Information Technology. Cognizant Microsoft Business Group is uniquely placed with their Cloud Managed Platform (CMP) to assess, migrate and manage for a smooth journey to the cloud.


Hornbuckle has been part of the retirement market for the last 30 years. They deliver complex retirement solutions and have around 12,500 individual members who have placed over £4bn of invested pension assets through their business. With technical insight and expertise, Hornbuckle prides themselves on providing competitively priced, risk-controlled solutions to people’s pension needs.

The Challenge

In recent years Hornbuckle has been focusing on their core business of retirement solutions. Essential IT functions, such as email and collaboration, have had limited budget and renewals over the past few years. Hornbuckle were running on a legacy messaging system and needed to consider a technology refresh that would enable a modern IT department to further focus on their core business. 97% of businesses using collaboration software have reported being able to service more clients, more efficiently (ICE3). Hornbuckle also has one central location with a growing number of remote offices. Serving these remote offices consistently and enabling collaboration was an important part of the project.

The Solutions

Cognizant Microsoft Business Group were introduced to Hornbuckle by Microsoft, and we worked through our iterative Cloud Managed Platform methodology to find the correct solution and set of priorities for our client. This was conducted through a number of workshops. These included business planning: assessing their business objectives and requirements in the context of their current IT landscape. It led to a series of work packages that enabled Hornbuckle to adopt the cloud with minimal disruption. By migrating to Office 365 they are now utilising an evergreen platform whilst still focusing on their core business.

It is vital for Hornbuckle’s continued success that employees have the insights and expertise to deliver complex retirement solutions. By having a connected workforce, resources and knowledge can be pooled despite having remote offices. Cognizant Microsoft Business Group enabled simple and efficient adoption of the cloud, with Office 365 increasing efficiency in communication as well as collaboration. The result was a welcome change when retiring our legacy messaging system.

Cognizant Microsoft Business Group ’s Cloud Managed Platform enabled a recommendation of the most appropriate solution for our requirements, rather than pushing unnecessary products on us. As a team, Cognizant Microsoft Business Group proved to be, not only adaptable and professional but also experts in Microsoft technologies.

Stephen Mountford, Head of Infrastructure | Hornbuckle