The Microsoft Azure Platform and Cognizant Microsoft Business Group (formerly New Signature)’s proven App Factory methodology for Application Migration on Azure, allowed Exceedra to deliver their retail forecasting solutions to more customers at lower cost.

Exceedra are the leaders in providing Integrated Commercial and Supply Planning supply solutions across the world. Their flagship products, Procast and ActNow are used by organisations such as Heineken, Revlon, Twinings, Vision Express and Pirelli. Their solutions bring together all elements of sales and demand, taking into account the actions of customers and suppliers. This allows commercial and supply chain plans to be created that maximise revenue and margins across all elements of the value chain.

Exceedra have been delivering solutions since 1986. Their first customer, Unilever, is still a customer today. More recently the company has been growing substantially, having taken on additional members of senior management. The company has also developed a very strong relationship with Microsoft and has been admitted into the exclusive BizSpark One program—reserved for the best and brightest technology companies building solutions on Microsoft’s stack.

Procast and ActNow have historically been delivered as on-premises based solutions. This has proven to be increasingly difficult to deploy and maintain. The on-premises deployment model meant that customers needed to invest in expensive server equipment and software. This was proving a challenge to selling the solution more widely. Through their Microsoft connections, Exceedra were introduced to Cognizant Microsoft Business Group. To solve some of these challenges, Exceedra were keen to move to a Cloud-based delivery for their suite of applications. New Signature and Microsoft recommended the Microsoft Azure and SQL Azure platforms.

Thanks to the service-oriented architecture employed by Exceedra, in addition to Cognizant Microsoft Business Group’s experience and expertise on the Azure platform coupled with their App Factory migration process, the complete range of capabilities available on the platform, migration took only a matter of weeks.

For Exceedra, the results have been dramatic. A move to a Cloud-based delivery mechanism has meant a better service to customers, increased performance, increased security and a global platform to enable the business to scale. All of the existing customers have now been transitioned to Azure and delivering new environments for new customers now only takes a matter of minutes. The Microsoft Azure platform has allowed Exceedra to take their business to the next level.

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