The burden upon corporate secretaries and directors has never been greater. The risks faced by corporations today necessitate better communication and a need to address the quality, quantity and speed of board materials presentation.

BoardWorks, a mobile solution developed by the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group for Computershare’s Governance Services, provides your corporate secretaries, corporate counsels, CEO and other authorized users with a mobile, online portal to create, manage, and distribute your board materials prior to, during, or after a board meeting.

Create a Great User Experience for Corporate Executives

Enhance your directors’ willingness to embrace electronic board papers with a more intuitive user experience than a laptop or PC. The BoardWorks interface incorporates a level of simplicity that is consistent across all formats and easy access icons that work well with all touchscreen devices.

Gain Complete Peace of Mind with End-to-End Security

Built with encryption, two-factor authentication, content and role-based security features, data at rest encryption, and secure hosting and redundancy measures, you can rest easy knowing your sensitive information is protected.

Rely on Fully Native iPad App

BoardWorks exclusively uses a fully native iPad experience. It provides multi-board management, offline access, boardbook annotation, surveys, voting and more – all without opening a web browser. Purpose-build mobile solutions like this can combine into a suite that give each employee the specific tools required to work, regardless of work there are.

The BoardWorks model is the future of mobile knowledge management. By pulling together a suite of productive line-of-business applications on a mobile device, your enterprise can make individual roles more productive and your enterprise more connected.