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Meet Evan Riser: A New Signature Snapshot

At New Signature, we are not just an organization. We are a group of innovative, authentic and generous individuals who work with our clients to solve problems and represent our company every day. We know that our people are our most valuable asset, and love to take the time to highlight them for the … Read More

Which Tier of Azure Launchpad Suits Your Business?

In case you missed this earlier blog post,  Azure Launchpad is now available as part of our NS:GO Azure engagement journey. This service allows you to take advantage of our Drivetrain technology and get started with Azure in a secure, scalable and efficient way.   Based on which option you choose–Essentials, Advanced or Enterprise–we will … Read More

Gender Equality Isn’t Optional

The fact that it’s 2020 and we are still fighting for gender equality is…troubling. Much like the early days of the #MeToo movement: each step forward seems to reveal an ugly, darker past. This past week has seen some key victories, but also reminders of how far we have left yet to travel. Equality … Read More

An Equal World is an Enabled World

Every day, New Signature experts help to enable our clients and their businesses to do more, achieve more and dream more. Internally, we hope the same for our employees. We want to see them succeed and feel empowered.   We also recognize the difficulty that women and other minority genders have experienced in the technology … Read More

All About Azure Artifacts

Managing the packages your application uses and that you develop internally can become a tiresome burden when developing your applications. In order to support your developers and ensure that your development continues to move forward without being dependent on external feeds means that you need the ability to host those dependent packages on an artifact feed that you control.  What is Azure Artifacts?  Azure … Read More