Microsoft just announced that Windows Phone Mango has been released to manufacture.  This means that the the latest version of the Windows Phone operating system is being sent to handset manufacturers and mobile operators and will soon be in the hands of customers.

We have been using the Windows Phone operating system for some time now and have been incredibly impressed by its features, ease of use and versatility (not to mention from an enterprise perspective its ease of management).  At Microsoft WPC 2011 we got a sneak peak at Mango and were impressed by many of the new features (there are more than 500 improvements in Mango).  Early reviews on Mango have been extremely positive and have praised the attention to detail in the new operating system. Steve Clayton says he loves, “The little things like groups in contacts, faster access to apps with intelligent searching and history of all my actions with people (or groups).”

It is a shame that many salespeople at mobile phone stores are steering customers to the iOS and Android devices and away from trying out the Windows Phone experience.  I recently was in a local Verizon Wireless store and went to look at the HTC Trophy, only to be approach by a salesman who tried to push the iPhone 4 on me.  Worst of all he didn’t seem to know anything about the device that he was telling me not to consider.

If you have the time, I highly recommend checking out the Windows Phones currently being sold by the likes of Verizon and AT&T.  Even if you aren’t in the market for a new phone you might be pleasantly surprised by the intuitive and fresh approach to the user interface.  If you are interested in making a change at a corporate level give New Signature a call.  Windows Phones are a great way to upgrade an aging fleet of Blackberries (not to mention RIM just laid off 2,000) to a device that has more features, better performance and is easier to manage.