Some of the best improvements to technology come from finishing this sentence: “I wish…” And when it comes to Microsoft Azure, there are teams of developers and innovators who work to consistently improve user experiences.  

One pain point for many customers is the Azure storage limit size per disk. This can occur when the data being migrated is housed on a 2TB or larger disk that cannot be re-built in to smaller partitions to satisfy the 1TB limit.  

 In June 2017, Microsoft introduced increased disk sizes that help to provide greater scale and flexibility to match customers’ workloads. We can now architect solutions and environments with disks in both 2 and 4TB in size. This offers support for intensive workloads and provides a higher provisioned disk performance. 

However, if you are looking to optimize storage for an application that require constant performance but has a low capacity, Microsoft has released smaller disk sizes for Premium Managed Disks. The following chart will helpanalyze new disk sizes and options, and what may work best for you.  

Microsoft Azure Disk  P40  P50  S40  S50  P4  P6 
Disk Size  2048 GB  4095 GB  2048 GB  4095 GB  32 GB  64 GB 
Disk IOPS  7500 IOPS*  7500 IOPS  Up to 500 IOPS  Up to 500 IOPS  120 IOPS  240 IOPS 
Disk Bandwidth  250 MBps  250 MBps  Up to 60 MBps  Up to 60 MBps  25 MBps  50 MBps 

*Input/Output per second 

Additionally, the newly introduced disks are available in all Azure regions with no limit, including the United States, China, and Germany, making the task of choosing the best datacenter for you a bit easier. 

To inquire about disk performance and pricing including the best options available  to you, our New Signature Cloud consultants can assist  and advise you on the most optimized functionality if your business is already on its journey to the cloud.  

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