Infrastructure Guardian Cloud Management ( from New Signature allows enterprise application developers, systems integrators (SI) and independent software vendors (ISV) to turn their software solutions into Managed Cloud Services running on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform for business.  At the Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando, New Signature and pilot customer imason inc. jointly won the 2015 Microsoft Canada Impact Award in the category “Winning Together”. Using IGCM, imason has added a monthly recurring revenue model and is able to offer enterprise-class solutions to its customers as a Managed Cloud Service with 24/7/365 helpdesk.

Building a Managed Cloud Service with IGCM and Azure


Toronto-based software and managed solution provider  imason Inc. was tasked with launching a complete suite of web and mobile solutions for The Carbon Accounting Company (TCAC), which offers industry programs for environmental tracking of an organization’s business operations and supply chain. The availability of mobile and web solutions for tracking and reporting is a core component of TCAC’s online-driven business model.

Managing a suite of web properties for customers can be costly and confusing. The environments require constant monitoring, patching and management. Costs escalate as storage, staging environments and backups are added. TCAC was looking to imason to build and deliver these applications, and come up with the best and most cost-efficient way to run them. imason partnered with Infrastructure Guardian Cloud Management (IGCM) to deliver a complete suite of web and mobile solutions with Azure as the cloud platform and 24x7x365 helpdesk and support.

Using Infrastructure Guardian Cloud Management enabled imason to provide the end customer with a cost-effective, flexible and scalable offering that had a strong competitive advantage over managed service offers from large traditional ICT companies. The combination of the Microsoft Azure platform with a cloud infrastructure partner creates a highly compelling end-to-end Managed Service solution and ecosystem for software developers, System Integrators (SI) and Independent Service Vendors (ISV) that can’t be matched by other business cloud platforms.

“We leverage Infrastructure Guardian closely, and they do a key piece of the solution that we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to deliver. We built a solution and a reference that we can now take to market for other customers.”
Jeff Dunmall, President, imason Inc.

“Infrastructure Guardian allows imason to offer a solution that is always up, always healthy, and allows us to deliver them great performance metrics to fix anything that goes wrong right away. It also allows imason to morph their business, so that they now go from handing over a solution to a monthly recurring revenue and a constant customer relationship.”
Brian Bourne, President, New Signature Canada, and Founder, Infrastructure Guardian

“It’s great working with partners like Infrastructure Guardian because they are a leader in cloud technology and offering their services to our partners in their transition to the cloud.”
Julie Lisle, Senior Business Development Manager, Microsoft Canada

New Signature and imason win prestigious Microsoft Partner Award

The collaboration between two Microsoft partners caught the attention of Microsoft Canada. At the Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando, New Signature and imason jointly won the 2015 Microsoft Canada Impact Award in the category “Winning Together”.

New Signature CEO Jeff Tench and New Signature Canada President Brian Bourne joined Phil Sorgen, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Group and Janet Kennedy, President of Microsoft Canada, on stage to receive the prestigious award.