You’ve heard about New Signature’s Cloud Management Portal (CMP), and maybe even watched our CMP video about all its many benefits, such as easy-to-read dashboards and billing tools.

We’ve received a few questions from customers about our registration process. To help, we have developed this CMP Registration tutorial blog to clarify the registration steps and answer common questions that arise during the process. The process begins by entering the CMP owner and company information, followed by a screen that prompts the user to load their Azure data into the portal.




Where do I find my Azure API key to see my data in the portal?

Customers who hold a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement use their Azure API key to connect the Cloud Management Portal to their Azure data. You get an API key from the Microsoft Azure portal at

You will need user access to as an Enterprise Administrator. Follow these steps to generate a new key:

  1. Sign into the Microsoft Azure Enterprise Portal
  2. Once signed in, select Reports → Download Usage / API Access Key


 Why do I need a Microsoft account to sign up?

As part of the Cloud Management Portal sign-up, you need to use either a Microsoft Live ID or Azure AD account for authentication. This allows you to use an existing and secure account, with the added benefit of not having a separate username and password for the Cloud Management Portal.


If you don’t have a Microsoft Live ID account, create a new account here.

Once you have entered your Microsoft Live ID or Azure AD information, and linked your Azure data, you can begin utilizing the tools and dashboards within the portal. It’s important to remember that all the registration fields and pages are encrypted for your protection.


Contact our New Signature CMP experts with any questions you may have, or to learn more about how the portal benefit your Azure subscriptions. Next week, part 2 in this series will focus on the security of your company’s data within the public cloud and portal.