Windows Dynamic Lock is a very useful feature for anyone who needs to lock a Windows 10 computer when they leave their computer. There are several ways to lock a Windows 10 screen. You can:  

  • Set a screen lock based on inactivity 
  • Press Win-L to lock your screen from the keyboard 
  • CTRL-ALT-Delete and choose lock from the options 

The newest option on this list is the Windows 10 Dynamic lock. 

 What is Dynamic Lock 

Dynamic Lock is a background process that monitors for certain Bluetooth devices like iPhones and Androids. When the Bluetooth device is out of range or has weak signal for 30 seconds, your Windows 10 computer will automatically lock the screen for you.  

Who benefits from Dynamic Lock? 

There are certain professions that could significantly benefit from this feature, particularly companies that have governance policies in place that require users to lock their screen when they leave their keyboard. Some of these may be: 

  • Teachers 
  • Financial/Legal workers 
  • Government workers 
  • Healthcare workers 
  • People who own keyboard-walking cats or small children 

The last example is in jest, but I have lost a lot of hard work to a cat sitting on my keyboard.  

Setting up Dynamic Lock 

From the Windows 10 start button, type dynamic lock and choose the app.
Select the checkbox to “Allow Windows to automatically lock your device” when you’re away.


Initially, you may receive a message that you don’t have a paired device. Not all Bluetooth devices are compatible with Dynamic lock. You can find more info on those devices here. 

 Click on “Bluetooth & Other Devices” to review which Bluetooth device you have connected and to add more. 

When a compatible device is connected, you will see it listed in the window.   

The setup is now complete.




 Whether you must lock your screen as a work requirement or you just want to save your hard work from your cat, Windows 10 provides a seamless way to protect you and your data.

About the Author

James Cragle is a Collaboration Consultant at New Signature in our Southeast United States region. He is an expert and lover of all things SharePoint, and helps our customers develop and manage dynamic and intelligent workplace environments. In his free time, James is an avid hiker and has recently started experimenting with gardening.