Over the past few years, New Signature has made some amazing and sweeping changes across its managed services landscape. We have transformed into a Modern Global IT provider by investing in our talent and expertise so that we can create mutual success for us and our customers through shared technology. Here is our story.

New Signature’s first significant growth in terms of global structure occurred when we acquired a United Kingdom-based Microsoft cloud consultancy. Additionally, New Signature is the solution and support provider to a number of global organizations, and we were determined to grow out capabilities to support as many global organizations as possible.  

We know the challenges of the current business IT environment. Many organizations struggle to manage not only the complexities of the cloud, but if they are a global entity, they struggle to support all the IT needs in every location which are often in multiple time zones. Businesses in this situation would either lack support in certain areas, providing virtual support and ignoring the need for local on-site services, or they would be forced to hire IT professionals that are experts in a wide gamut of technological needs. Not only are these professionals rare, but they are extremely expensive to keep on staff and retain for long periods of time. 

Retaining your own round-the-clock professional IT staff comes at a very high cost. However, due to the rapid evolution of cloud services, partnering with an entire team of cloud experts is essential to avoiding stagnancy and mediocrity in issue resolution. 

There are multiple ways that a global IT support system like New Signature has created can be implemented into your current environment.  

  • First, it can provide discreet managed services that simply augment your existing support structure during off-peak hours, helping to fill gaps where there is apparent need. S 
  • Second, it has the breadth and capacity to service any location locally through investment in international support locations and trained expertise.  
  • If you are a global business that is not in the IT industry, and you want to adopt new technologies more quickly and with smoother adoptions, or you’re looking to provide strong IT support at all times, you’re going to need to invest in a partnership support model. 

New Signature adds another layer of benefit to our global managed services through our Follow the Sun model and approach. Prior to our shift to a global support model, New Signature was providing managed services in a disparate fashion between both the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. We pushed this same support model into the Asian-Pacific region when we have opened a new support location. But this does not mean that all support will be shifted to outside the customer’s local region. In fact, our Follow the Sun model support the most local support possible, with support from other time zones only during off-peak hours. This means that your users will get local regional support more often than their support calls will be shifted outside their region, creating more comfortability and strong support around the clock, resolving tickets faster and keep productivity high. This brings a higher level of customer service, and stronger satisfaction with your employees. 

With focused local support and the ability to offer consistent support to global organizations, the model that New Signature has built has brought about a new era in managed services for the Microsoft partner world. You’ll have access to all the specialists and unique talent niches necessary and reduce costs by investing in the managed services support tiers that you need.  

If you are running a business that is medium-sized, on the cusp of breaking into the global market, don’t limit yourself out of fear of IT support. New Signature is confident that your business can function at a global scale through our managed services, because we experienced the same story.  

Reach out to an expert to begin discussing your team’s service and support needs.