We know a lot about remote work—many of our global employees work from their remote offices or while traveling every day, and it’s Microsoft Teams that keeps us all at New Signature engaged, productive and provides us with the security and flexibility we need, regardless of where we are.

Being able to provide your organization and employees the ability to work remotely may be something that your business is looking to do full-time, part-time or simply on an as-needed basis. Remote work is becoming more popular, and the statistics are beginning to support the appeal of the model. Recent studies have shown that: 

  • Over the last five years, the number of remote employees in the United States has grown by 44% 
  • 78% of respondents in a Future of Work survey cited “flexible schedules and telecommuting” as the most effective non-monetary way to increase retention 
  • Optimal employee engagement happens when at least 60-80% of time is spent working off-site.  

Microsoft Teams has all the tooling your organization needs to maintain a productive and well-balanced workforce, but what if you need to support a remote workforce with not much notice? When your organization needs to deploy Teams in a timely manner, it requires expertise. We understand that it may be stressful to approach this task, but our experts have found great success with deploying and driving adoption of Teams in less than 90 days, sometimes in less than 10 days. 

You can check out our Rapid Teams Deployment Flyer below to learn how to get started rolling out Teams for your Teams without delay. And if you already own Teams licensing, but your users are hesitant to adopt the tool, read more about driving Teams adoption in our 90 Days to Teams Adoption blog series below!

NS:GO Rapid Teams Deployment 2020

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