Projects Hub is a SharePoint extension that brings project management tools to your company’s SharePoint space and enhances your collaboration and productivity. Now you can access a free trial of the product in the Microsoft Store.

Some of the key benefits you’ll experience with Projects Hub are:

  • Centralized Collaboration: Whether you are managing one project, or a handful of projects, you can view the status of each task, as well as maintain accessibility of documents, files, and deliverables.
  • Ease-of-Use: Projects Hub contains rich displays and color-coded status reports
  • Project Monitoring: View project status, track milestones, and keep control over your deadlines.
  • Optimization of Investment: Projects Hub mitigates the need for an additional product to SharePoint, and does not require additional Microsoft licensees to run.2-Project Monitoring

The tool can be used as-is, or can be enhanced with custom functionalities, branding, templates, and more. Our New Signature experts are here to ensure that the technology is tailored to meet your specific business needs.

If you are a SharePoint user experiencing a business problem revolving around collaboration or project management, a New Signature Projects Hub solution may help you to overcome those challenges. Contact a SharePoint expert today to get started.