New Signature is positioned as a two-time Microsoft Partner of the Year winner to help our customers overcome business challenges and succeed. However, we also help you plan for failure. One of our goals is to help you strategize business continuity, supplying your business with everything it needs to continue in any given situation. This includes your Azure continuity and access to storage and backups in the event of a disaster or unplanned downtime.

Downtime burdens your business in three major ways. It negatively impacts your probability, creates vulnerability in security due to potential data loss, and decreases the confidence from customers and potential customers. Luckily, Microsoft and New Signature have the solution.

A Microsoft Service Level Agreement offers extended value to your Azure storage, with a 99.9% guarantee of availability of everything from Active Directory to app services, back up, automation, and all your analytics and security features. The benefits of an SLA enhances your business continuity and relieves the worry of your disaster recovery strategy. Even better is that if your service level falls beneath the guaranteed availability, you will receive a credit that month. With an SLA in place, your business can know that they will experience significantly less downtime.

However, your Azure environment must meet certain criteria to be eligible for a Microsoft Service Level Agreement. With our customers’ best interests and business continuity a constant high priority, we are finding ways to leverage new and updated options for Azure support.

Originally, a customer had to have provisioned two Virtual Machines in an availability set across separate domains that ensures they avoid a single fault point in order to qualify for the SLA from Microsoft. But now, there are more options to provide the availability you require.

Solution Availability Guarantee Number of Hours/Year Additional Information
Two Servers in an Availability Set 99.95% No more than 4.38 hours of downtime per year. Credits are offered for additional downtime experienced over 4.38.
Single Server with Premium Storage 99.9% No more than 8.76 hours of downtime per year. Credits are offered for additional downtime experienced over 8.76.
Single Server with Standard Storage 0% Potential for up to 8,760 hours of downtime per year. No credits offered for downtime.

The investment of premium storage is the best option for many businesses with single servers that risk losing millions during potential downtime, and the benefits greatly outweigh the costs, especially if business continuity hangs in the balance. Learn more about your best VM and storage options by contacting a New Signature Azure expert today.