“We share a passion for innovation and look forward to our future at the heart of Cognizant’s new Microsoft Business Group.” -Jeff Tench, Global Head of Microsoft Business Group (Formerly CEO, New Signature)

The Microsoft Business Group is designed to reflect how clients think about their cloud transformation—from a technology-first perspective. Our experts meet our clients where they are and guide them on their journey toward becoming a digital business and optimizing that business over time. Our vehicle for that journey is NS:GO.

Our exclusive NS:GO program is the framework that combines a set of solutions and services that deliver against specific customer objectives. By utilizing Drivetrain™, a suite of intellectual property and tools to unleash cloud capability, the MBG delivers real change for our clients. Based on Microsoft’s own Cloud Adoption Framework, NS:GO guides customers to their customized suite of services and solutions and into operation quickly and efficiently. By leveraging this cloud-native approach, we can remove silos, move away from traditional thinking, and set you up to become a digital business.

If you want to learn more about our future as the Microsoft Business Group, or how to join our team of experts across the globe, visit our new information hub web page to be part of that journey.