Charlotte is facing a growing homelessness problem due to rising rents and costs, with 2018 having a 13% increase in homelessness. To bridge the gap, non-profits are needed to step in.

Luckily there are organizations such as Men’s Shelter of Charlotte and Apparo. Men’s Shelter is a homeless shelter which provides basic needs to those without a place to go in Charlotte, and Apparo is a non-profit, which supports a framework for IT professionals to provide pro bono support to local non-profits that are great candidates for the benefits of digital transformation.  When the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte needed volunteer’s to develop an incentive based system for the homeless, they worked with Apparo to provide support from IT professionals, creating a positive impact with their skillsets. Bill Hammelman, our Business Development Director in the Southeast region, is a veteran who stepped up to help Apparo and the Men’s Shelter. He provided his time to help build an incentive based system that would allow homeless to start building a stable foundation for their lives.

Bill Hammelman had this to say:

“My volunteer work with Apparo as a Change Agent and Consultant as part of their Community Impact Projects has resulted in some of the most rewarding experiences of my career from both a professional and personal perspective. In my most recent experience, I worked together with a team from Bank of America to help the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte implement a digital incentives system that will allow the Shelter to accelerate its ability to deliver its Income/Employment + Housing Services and Emergency Shelter programming.  The real impact of this work is that individuals facing homelessness in Charlotte are able to more quickly build a foundation for increasing their income and obtaining housing.  It’s not every day that a technology consultant can connect their daily work with a positive impact on people dealing with homelessness, and I’m grateful that I’m able to use my professional skills, while working alongside and networking with great people from organizations like Bank of America, to be an agent for societal impact.”

Bill has also worked on other projects with Apparo, such as the 100 Gardens project.

At New Signature, our core values are about being human and authentic. Employees are encouraged to dedicate time to important causes, and each region is asked to champion a cause. The Southeast region has been great at taking the initiative and helping those less fortunate.

If you want to learn more about this project, you can visit the Apparo website here.