Last month, New Signature employees in our Southeast region volunteered once again for the Swim Across America event at Lake Buford, Georgia, where around 800 swimmers come every year to participate in an open swim to raise money for the charity.

Currently, the event has raised over $550,000 for the cause, and there’s still time to raise money to fight cancer. You can do that below:

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About Swim Across America

An estimated 40% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime. Meanwhile, the National Cancer Institute funding for investigative research and clinical trials has decreased 25% the past 10 years.

Over the years, the Swim Across America initiative has raised over $80M to fund cancer research and clinical trials to help fill this gap. For every dollar they grant, the beneficiaries hare been able to secure three or more dollars in new funding they might otherwise not received.

The SAA scientific advisory committee of MDs and PhDs have decades of clinical trials and research experience. They invest significant time reviewing and recommending project ideas that have the best promise of collecting vital data that researchers need when applying for other sources of cancer funding. It’s important that donors know that when SAA makes a grant 100% of the SAA grant is applied to the approved clinical trial or research project rather than overhead and buildings.